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Danny Brison, was photographer of a studio that supplied since 1969 professional photography and a variety of digital and graphic services.

These were : digital photography, website design and layouts as well as printed folders, company logo's and illustration. Other activities were : poster-printing, digital printing, if necessary professional advice. and educational tutorials.

The portfolio is at :
These pictures, suitable for printing (digital and offset) and for use on the web, are available in high resolution (cmyk 300 dpi).

For extra information, please contact me by e-mail or by phone at :
+33(0)677/59 32 73.

Here are my pictures

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Biography of Studio Brison (Danny Brison)


School of graphic art in Antwerp and training at Agfa-Gevaert.
Studies of photography and design in Brussels.
Start of the studio in may 1969 at Mortsel nearby the town of Anwerp.

First activities : social photography (weddings and portraits).
Then for 5 years (1971 'till 1976) the first industrial customer : Atlas Copco.
In 1976 : moving to a bigger studio with more facilities and different dark rooms. Then many industrial customers, such as printers, publicity agencies, factories,
different large compagnies and so on in the area of Antwerp.
Many orders in Belgium and other countries.
The staff is then at the number of five persons.
In the dark rooms fully automated printers and developing machines are installed.

In 1982 first trip to the USA (from Georgia until the state of Texas, 5000 km). Afterwards many voyages to Texas for the real estate market.
In the year 1984 new techniques are coming up, such as color copies, reproductions activities, Kirlian-photography and holography.
1986 : contest Triplot Kodak : voyage to Florida (USA) (1st award).

1992 : digital photography in cooperation with Agfa-Gevaert.
The silver-based photography is replaced by the digital one and many new applications are now part of the business. These activities are : digital printing, musical applications, internet, poster-printing, web-design and lay-out.
The analogue photography is now stopped completely and the material from the dark rooms is taken away and sold..

1997 : voyage to Egypt from Nord to South along the Nile.
2001 : voyage to Ghana (Kumasi), Staying with the local people.
2003 : voyage to South-India (1 month) 10.000 digital photos.
2004 : moving the studio to a new location and 2 years later again to another location (an old movie theater ; Odeon) in Mortsel.
2007 : voyage to Nepal and the Nord of India (2 months) 20.000 digital photo .
2009 : end of the studio and sale of the last professional material.
That was the moment to leave Belgium and to live in France.
2009, 2010 : exhibitions in Villedieu and the cave of Rasteau.
2012, 2013 : back to Belgium. First Mechelen and then Leuven.