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Posters are printed on photo-paper, vinyl, sticker, duratrans (backlite), canvas, banner, economy paper, with dye-based and UV inks. They can be laminated if necessary for a longer life.

All the usual file formats can be read
(png, indd, pdf, qxd, tif, jpg, eps, a.o.). These files are usable : from Quark-Xpress, InDesign, Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDraw, irfanview and some other graphic programs. Make an inquiry first before sending your files Software such as Word, Excel, Publisher are not usable for our poster-printers. Please do not compress your files. Illustrator files must be mounted in a Quark-Xpress lay-out with a preview.

A resolution of 144 dpi at the final size is sufficient. As an example in a photo-software : a picture of 20 x 30 cm at 320 dpi is equal at a photo of 40 x 60 cm at 160 dpi, if all the parameters stay coupled. Please do not change the resolution (dpi) without changing the size of the image automatically at the same time. This is interpolation and the quality always goes down.


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